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Riverside Crime Map And Stats

You could think your street is safe, but how does your community compare with the greater city? Check out the following Riverside crime map and figure out the amount of reported incidents around Riverside. Then take a quick glance at some ways to make your family and neighborhood more safe and sound.

Riverside Crime Map

Our Riverside Crime Map gives a heat map of overall crime in the area. Deeper red squares signify a larger concentration of police calls in relation to the surrounding area. To get a larger perspective of Riverside, tap the + to zoom out. Or hit the - icon to zoom in on a single street or area.

5 Ways To Help Keep Your Neighborhood Safe

While no city is devoid of misdeeds, there's a few easy things you can do regarding community safety. Use these 5 quick tips so you can keep your neighborhood both inviting and secure.

Look out for your neighbors: The more you meet your neighbors, the easier it will be to depend on one another. Many communities in Riverside have also formed a formal neighborhood watch.

Get a home security system: If a thief trips a high-decibel alarm, it may dissuade them from casing around that same street for a while. Your security cameras could also capture people going through your front yard when escaping from the scene of a crime.

Keep valuables out of sight in your car: Forgetting your purse, keys, or mobile phone in the car can be a reason for a vehicular break-in. Always remember to bring in your valuables or leave them in a safe place like under the seat or trunk.

Install motion lights: Light keeps an intruder at bay. By installing motion-activated floodlights over shadowed areas or a patio doorway, you could prevent a break-in before it happens.

Alert neighbors to when you’re gone: Let a trusted neighbor know when you’re going away to visit relatives, and give them a key or door lock code to check-in periodically. Although, don’t post vacation plans to social media if at all possible.

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